About the Group:

The IWGEES - International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery is a group of highly specialized and motivated otolaryngologists and otogists who are mastering Endoscopic Ear Surgery, believing in the advantages that endoscopy carries in the field of otology as well as the future of the technique in dealing with middle ear disease. 

They are grouped from around the world i.e. Arab Emirates, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Italy, Israel, India, Japan and Spain to promote the otoendoscopy as a technique and to teach and train all interested ENT Surgeons. 

At the end of this session you can see the basic rules and steps to become an IWGEES member.

Members of the International Working Group (IWGEES): 
Dr David Pothier (Canada)
General Secretary:
Dr Mohamed Badr-El-Dine (Egypt)
Board Members:
Dr Muaaz Tarabichi (Dubai)
Dr Livio Presutti (Italy)
Dr Daniele Marchioni (Italy)
Dr Stephane Ayache (former president) (France)
Dr M Mohan Reddy (India)
Dr Seiji Kakehata (Japan)
Dr Lela Migirov (Israel)
Dr Joao Flavio Nogueira (Brazil)
Dr Daniel Lee (USA)
Dr Alejandro Rivas (USA)
Dr Sheikh Shawkat Kamal (Bangladesh) Dr Jose Rivas (Colombia)
Dr Mohnish Grover (India) Dr Hernan Cortez (Venezuela)
Dr Arun Gadre (USA) Dr Anthony Mikulec (USA)
Dr Daniela Carvalho (USA) Dr Nirmal Patel (Australia)
Dr Ken Kazahaya (USA) Dr Alexander Saxby (Australia)
Dr Jose Carlos Casqueiro (Spain) Dr S.Guan Khoo (Ireland)
Dr Khaled Salem Mesalaty (Libya) Dr Geraldo Salas Rivas (Venezuela)
Dr Sho Kanzaki (Japan) Dr Mubarak Khan (India)
Dr Hiromi Kojima (Japan) Dr Gustavo Del Carpio (Bolivia)
Dr Giuseppe Panetti (Italy) Dr Stephen Hoff (USA)
Dr R. N. Patil (India) Dr Il Joon Moon (South Korea)
Dr Satyawati Mohindra (India) Dr Iván Tavárez Rodriguez (Spain)
Dr Ali Özdek (Turkey) Dr Brandon Isaacson (USA)
Dr Haluk Yavuz (Turkey) Dr Chris Coulson (UK)
Dr Gustavo Nogueira (Brazil) Dr Arunachalam Iyer (UK - Scotland)
Dr Domenico Villari (Italy) Dr Naouar Ouattassi (Belgium)
Dr Elias Michael Michaelides (USA) Dr Sadrine Machiels (Belgium)
Dr Jesus Francisco Franco Anzola (Venezuela) Dr Nicolas Mardyla (Belgium)
Dr Enis Alpin Guneri (Turkey) Dr Michael Cohen (USA)
Dr Luis Eduardo Borja (Peru) Dr Nicholas Jufas (Australia)
Dra Jane Lea (Canada) Dra Manuela Fina (USA)
Dra Miriam Redleaf (USA) Dr Jonathan Kong (Australia)
Dr Michael Kuo (USA) Dr Syed Arham Husain (India)
Dr Baher Mohamed Ashour (UAE)  Dr Chin-Kuo Chen (Taiwan)
Dr Tsukasa Ito (Japan)  Dr Tengku Izam (Malaysia)
Dr Taisuke Kobayashi (Japan)  Dr Philip Rajan (Malaysia)
Dr Suetaka NISHIIKE (Japan) Dr Micheal Tong (Hong Kong)
Dr Ryosei Minoda (Japan) Dr Daisuke Yamauchi (Japan)
Dr Tomo Watanabe (in memorium) Dr. Abdul Latif Kadhim (Australia)
Dr David Selvadurai (UK) Dra Waitsz Chang (Hong Kong)
Dr Daniele Bernardeschi (France) Dr Richard Salzman (Czech Republic)
Dr Walter Kutz (USA) Dr Shane Anderson (Australia)
Dr Kunio Mizutari (Japan) Dr Yu Matsumoto (Japan)
Dr Roberto Arias (Chile) Dr Cameron Wick (USA)
Dr Mohammed Abdulmohsin Alsheikh (KSA) Dr Ngo Yeow Seng Raymond (Singapore)
Dr Ophir Hanzel (Israel) Dr Elgan Davies (UK)
Dr G Sundhar Krishnan (India) Dr Justin S. Golub (USA)
Dr Sunita Chhapola (India) Dr Ahmed Omran (Egypt)
Dr Heraldo Tavella (Argentina) Dr Diego Castagnino (Argentina)
Mario J Jaramillo (UK) Hassan Chelly (Morocco)
Mikhail Kuznetsov (Russia)  
To become an IWGEES member its necessary:

1) To perform endoscopic ear surgery regularly;

2) To attend or to have attended at least one of the IWGEES supported courses/meetings/sessions;

3) To send an email to contact@endoscopicearsurgery.com with a SHORT CURRICULUM (mandatory) and motivation letter; Applications without a short curriculum will NOT be considered.

4) If you have a recomendation of an IWGEES member, please also send it.

Your request will be evaluated by the IWGEES board members and if approved you will be comunicated and your name will apear at this website.

Click here to email the IWGEES to becoming a member

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